1 in 5 ignore COVID guidelines in California – Press Telegram


Los Angeles – According to new data from the 2021 UCLA California Health Survey, more than one in five adults in California said they do not or occasionally follow COVID health guidelines 19 of the state. ..

Studies conducted at UCLA’s Health Policy Research Center have shed light on residents’ perspectives on immunization and adherence to recommended safety protocols, as the state’s immunization rates have declined and the guidelines for wearing masks have changed. ..

Using survey data collected in March and April, the CHIS COVID-19 2021 Preliminary Estimates Dashboard brings together people on how often face covers are worn, hand sanitized, or washed, and whether the respondents are physically separated. Here are some questions about risk mitigation behaviors such as hedging. Someone who was not in his family.

The study also continued to ask if they were vaccinated and if they had been vaccinated at least once before. Questions were also asked about personal implications, for example whether respondents lost their jobs, had difficulty paying rent or mortgages, and their basic needs.

“Policymakers, health care professionals, community organizations, researchers and more are looking to the California Health Interview Survey for reliable and comprehensive data on the health of Californians,” said CHIS, director of the UCLA Center. Said Ninez Ponce, senior researcher at the University of California, Los Angeles. “Adherence to various security measures is an important part of the state’s recovery from COVID-19. Therefore, the information provided is aimed at increasing vaccination rates, providing financial assistance or simply maintaining good health. Useful for groups to access or access resources in this pandemic. “

The main conclusions are as follows.

– More than half of California adults say they met people outside the home while state guidelines were still in effect.

– More than one in five adults in California said they did not or only occasionally followed state guidelines.

– Unvaccinated adults are less likely to follow national and local guidelines

– 1 in 10 – 12% – Adults said they would not be vaccinated

– The poorest adults were more likely to report not having been vaccinated than adults with the highest income levels.

– Latin Americans were more likely to receive a positive COVID-19 test than whites

– Low-income adults are more than twice as likely to test positive for COVID-19 as high-income adults.

– Uninsured adults were more likely to have a positive test result

– People with health insurance are twice as likely to contact a healthcare professional when they suspect they have COVID-19.

“One of the different races and ethnicities, or other demographic factors such as income, education and geography, the impact of COVID-19, especially after the winter epidemic 2020-21 There is has a gap between them, “said Todd Hughes of CHIS. director. “Keeping up to date with the latest numbers allows policymakers, program stakeholders, community organizations and supporters to be informed of actionable data and the needs and services of all groups to fulfill their mission of impartiality. You can fill the void. “

1 in 5 ignore COVID guidelines in California – Press Telegram 1 in 5 ignore COVID guidelines in California – Press Telegram

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