Accumulating water flowing by boat on the Salmon Falls River in Maine


A sailboat filled with rainwater caused moments of anxiety when it sank in the Salmon Falls River in South Berwick, Maine on Wednesday night.

The Dover Fire Department in New Hampshire was informed by the US Coast Guard that a boat had sunk about 500 yards south of the Salmon Falls River Bridge. A crew who responded to the boat determined that it was on the Berwick south side of the river, near Flynn’s Lane Extension.

South Berwick firefighters responded with their fire boat and confirmed that no one was on board.

South Berwick Fire Chief Joe Rousselle told Seacoast Current the boat was weighed down by a build-up of rainwater that had not been drained.

“It was basically a lack of attention due to all the rain we’ve had for the last month or so. It got flooded and settled in. There was no one on it. “said Rousselle.

So far, the boat owners have not been charged but have been told to make arrangements to remove the boat from the river.

“We took out the gas tank so it wouldn’t leak. But they have to get it out of there or they could be charged by the NH Marine Patrol if it’s there for that many days,” Rousselle said.

Anthony St. Hilaire contributed to this report.

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