Americans are sinking in the housing market and California is now offering residents up to $1,050 in ‘inflation relief’ – here’s who’s eligible

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September jobs report highlights major shift in white-collar work – as Labor Department plans to change jobs questionnaire

“The old question was becoming less relevant,” said Daniel Zhao, senior economist at Glassdoor. Read more

California is now offering residents up to $1,050 in ‘inflation relief’ — here’s who’s eligible

In California, 23 million taxpayers receive money to relieve inflation. Read more

“His father likes to be in control”: My friend’s father forced him to open a bank account in both of their names and confiscated his identity card. What can he do?

“His dad likes to be in control and says he needs to keep the money in check so his son doesn’t ‘waste’ it.

Alec Baldwin is selling his massive Hamptons farmhouse for $29 million

Alec Baldwin has put his massive farmhouse in Amagansett, NY, up for sale for $29 million. Read more

The weekend reads: How the Fed’s punitive policy can set you up for massive gains in the stock market

Also, an offramp for I-bonds, how to manage a car lease and a much improved landscape for lifetime annuity income. Read more

Americans are deteriorating in the housing market. Homebuyer sentiment hits lowest level since 2011 – and mortgage rates hit 7%.

Spooked by higher mortgage rates and high house prices, home buying sentiment has plummeted, Fannie Mae said. Read more

What to do if you go over or way over your car rental miles

Here are your options if you know you’re close to your lease’s mileage limit or if you’ve already exceeded it. Read more

When buying a used electric vehicle is a smart decision – and when it’s not

Buying an electric vehicle differs in many ways from buying a gas-powered vehicle. Here’s an overview of the key differences and how they change the buying equation. Read more

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