Best Buy Now, Pay Later Apps of 2021


CompanyNumber of installationsInterest rateAmount due on purchaseLate feePopular brands
To affirm

Best overall
Varied0%; 10% to, Peloton, Expedia, Pottery Barn

Ideal for flexible payment plans
40%25%$ 10Umbro, GameStop, Altitude sports, Public recreation
After payment

Ideal for students
40%25%$ 10Old Navy, Bed Bath & Beyond, Forever 21, adidas
Separate it

Great for no credit check
3 to 240%VariedNothingEchelon Fitness, EyewearUSA, REST, Instasmile

Best for bad credit
Varied0%Varied$ 35Samsung, Apple, Beats, Nintendo, Michael Kors
PayPal Pay in 4

Ideal for small purchases
40%25%Varies according to the state of residenceFossil, Bed Bath & Beyond, Lands’ End, ALDO

Ideal for large purchases
Up to 36 months0% to 29.99%VariedThe first attempt is $ 0; The second attempt costs $ 7Sephora, Bed Bath & Beyond, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger

How to choose the Best Buy Now, Pay Later app

There are many BNPL applications to choose from when purchasing goods and services. However, most retailers partner with a single BNPL app, so their partner may be the easiest service to work with to complete your purchase.

Assuming you have a choice of which service to use, here’s how to pick the best buy now, pay for the app for your purchase later.

  • Take your credit score into account. If you have bad credit or a poor credit history, it may be a good idea to select a BNPL app that does not check your credit score.
  • Will he report to the credit bureaus? People working on their credit will get their payments on time if the BNPL app reports their activity to major credit bureaus.
  • Where is the BNPL application accepted? When you apply for a BNPL account, choosing one that is accepted at most stores you shop at will prevent you from opening multiple accounts.
  • What credit limit will you receive? BNPL application credit limits vary from company to company. Depending on the size of your purchase, having a higher credit limit can make the difference between being able to complete your transaction or not.
  • What are the fees and interest rates charged? Review the account details to determine if there are any charges for using the service, paying, or other activities. Also, will you be charged interest if you make your payments on time? If so, what are the prices?

When to use a Buy Now, Pay Later app vs. a credit card

While buy-it-now and check-out apps are similar to credit cards, they each have a role to play for consumers today. When paying, you will need to decide which method you want to use to complete your transaction. Here are some situations where you might want to use one payment method over another.

When to use a BNPL application:

  • Make purchases without a credit check
  • Simple request with instant decision for a new loan
  • Pay over time without paying interest
  • Pay for your purchases with minimum payments
  • Build credit without getting a secured credit card

When to use a credit card:

  • Special discounts for using a store brand retail card
  • Earn cash back, miles or points on your purchase
  • Meet a minimum spending requirement to earn a welcome bonus
  • Earn benefits based on your total annual spend
  • Benefits of Price, Returns and Purchase Protection
  • Receive a free warranty extension
  • Flexibility of lower minimum payments

Not all credit cards offer these benefits, so check your credit card benefits guide or call customer service to see if your card does. If not, it might be time to replace your credit card with one that offers better benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do the Buy Now, Pay Later apps work?

BNPL applications work in coordination with the merchant you are purchasing from. Most don’t charge interest as long as you make your scheduled payments on time. If you miss a payment, you may be charged interest and late fees. The BNPL app collects a fee from the merchant for processing the transaction, much like a credit card transaction works. This is a win-win situation because the customer receives their product today, the merchant makes a sale that might not have happened otherwise, and the BNPL app collects a fee for managing the funding.

Can Buy Now, Pay Later help you build credit?

If your BNPL application reports to the credit bureaus, your positive payment history will help you build your credit score. For example, Perpay customers increase their credit rating by 39 points on average. However, many of these BNPL loans are short term in nature and therefore do not create a payment history long enough to be reported to the credit bureaus.

What credit score do you need to use a Buy Now, Pay Later service?

No credit score is required to use a BNPL application. There are many BNPL applications to choose from. While some do a gentle investigation to check your credit, many others do not require a credit check. Even if you have bad credit, services that don’t require a credit check allow you to shop today and pay over time using alternative methods to determine your credit limit.

For example, Zebit has a two-step subscription process. First, they verify your identity, income, and employment to establish your initial spending limit. Then each purchase attempt is subscribed at checkout to determine whether or not you can complete the transaction.


To find the best buy now, pay later apps, we’ve researched over 20 BNPL services to find the ones that work best for a variety of buying purposes. For our analysis, we compared ease of purchase, interest rates, fees, credit checks, how payments are processed, and other relevant features. These data points were scored and weighted according to their importance for each type of consumer. We continuously monitor BNPL service data to update our rankings to provide our readers with accurate recommendations.

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