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Average home insurance rates in Stockton are $ 924 per year for $ 250,000 of home coverage. Since some of California’s more expensive cities (Sacramento, San Francisco, and San Jose) are around 60 miles from Stockton, home insurance rates are relatively cheap. However, property values ​​in the city of Central Valley have increased by more than 13% in one year to a current median value of $ 368,007. Finding ways to reduce home insurance premiums in Stockton could offset the rising cost of housing.

Bankrate has collected quotes from homeowners from several home insurance companies. Combined with our research into a provider’s customer reviews, coverage options, and available discounts, we were able to select the top five carriers for cheap home insurance in Stockton.

Best cheap home insurance companies in Stockton

California has many home insurance companies to choose from, some of which are headquartered in the state, such as Mercury Insurance and CSAA Insurance Group. To narrow down dozens of providers to five, we researched the cheapest home insurance rates from companies that receive positive customer reviews.

JD Power’s annual independent study is a good source of customer feedback. The company collects policyholder responses to evaluate a carrier on communication, claims process, and product offerings to gauge customer satisfaction. The following five carriers offer cheap home insurance rates in Stockton while still managing to provide much appreciated customer service.


California-based Mercury Insurance is best known for its no-frills, low-cost coverage for vehicles and homes. Its rates are the lowest for Stockton homeowners looking for low budget home insurance. In addition to standard HO-3 coverage, add-ons from Mercury can further extend your home insurance. Optional Service Line Protection pays for repair of damage to underground electrical, telephone, Internet, water, gas and sewer service lines. Mercury also offers coverage similar to home warranty protection that repairs or replaces your home systems such as HVAC, appliances and electronics.


USAA comes just behind Mercury insurance with home insurance rates that are only $ 33 higher per year. However, not everyone can access their member-only insurance products. USAA is only available to veterans, military personnel, and eligible family members. If you qualify, the low home insurance rate comes with a valuable gift – replacement cost coverage, which replaces the assets in your home with new versions.


Progressive home insurance is a great option for residents of Stockton. You may be able to beat the average rates of $ 611 per year for home insurance if you combine it with vehicle coverage. Progressive says new customers will save over 20% (on average) when they bundle home and auto insurance. Examining the accuracy of Progressive’s claim is simple – getting an online quote for home and auto insurance only takes minutes of your time.

State farm

Perhaps State Farm’s greatest strength is the availability of local Stockton agents. There is 13 licensed State Farm agents and offices in the city, ready to help you with your home insurance needs, such as making sure filing a claim is a smooth and efficient process. While you have access to local State Farm agents, the mobile app and website are well designed. You can manage your policies, make payments and file claims 24/7.


Travel insurance might not be the cheapest home insurance company on the list, but it’s still worth considering. Travelers have the most optional home insurance coverages. You can upgrade your Stockton home insurance policy with options including green coverage to repair or replace items with green versions, replacement cost coverage that reimburses you for new versions of lost or damaged items and the back-up pump / water sump overflow which pays for water losses. to damage.

Other Stockton home insurance coverage to consider

Home insurance is not mandatory in California. However, a house lost after a wildfire could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to replace. Annual home insurance premiums are much cheaper and give you peace of mind knowing that you are financially protected in the event of the loss of your home or property. With that in mind, home insurance can be a little protection against disasters. Additional blankets that could be a lifeline in Stockton include:

  • Green cover: Energy costs in the region are 80% higher than the national average. Replacing systems or structures in your home with energy efficient versions could save you money in the long run.
  • Earthquake insurance: There was no major earthquake registered in the Stockton area for decades. However, California can have one at any time. A home insurance policy does not cover your property if it is damaged by a seismic event. Affordable earthquake insurance is available from the California Earthquake Authority.
  • Flood insurance: All new buildings and constructions in Stockton must comply regulation of flood zones. Flooding is not covered by your standard home insurance plan. You will need to add the coverage to your policy.

Home insurance discounts in Stockton

You may be able to beat the average Bankrate home insurance rates in Stockton by taking advantage of discounts offered by most carriers. Some of the biggest discounts include:

  • Discounts on green houses: If your home is LEED certified or built with energy efficient materials, you may get a reduction in your premiums.
  • Grouping: The average Stockton owner has two vehicles per household. Bundling your home insurance with your auto policies could save you money on both.
  • Protection devices: A home security system, carbon monoxide detector, smoke alarm, or water / flood sensor all add a layer of security to your home. You could benefit from a reduction for all or part of the mentioned protection devices.
  • Fire resistance: If your house and roof were built to provide fire resistance, you may be eligible for a discount on home insurance premiums.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best home insurance company?

Our results for the best Stockton home insurance based on rates and customer ratings are Mercury Insurance, USAA, Progressive, State Farm and Travelers. To find the best carrier for your needs and budget, collect quotes from multiple insurance companies to compare.

How much does home insurance cost in Stockton?

According to Bankrate research, average Stockton home insurance rates are $ 924 per year for $ 250,000 of home coverage, which works out to $ 77 per month.

How much home insurance do I need in Stockton?

Home insurance is not required in Stockton, California. However, your lender may require that you have an HO-3 policy, which is the minimum amount of coverage they may be willing to accept.


Bankrate uses Quadrant Information Services to analyze 2021 rates for all postal codes and carriers in all 50 states and Washington, DC Rates shown are based on 40 year old male and female owners with a claim history clean, good credit and the following coverage limits:

  • Coverage A, housing: $ 250,000
  • Cover B, other structures: $ 25,000
  • Coverage C, Personal Property: $ 125,000
  • Coverage D, loss of use: $ 50,000
  • Cover E, civil liability: $ 300,000
  • Cover F, medical payments: $ 1,000

The owners also have a $ 1,000 deductible and a separate wind and hail deductible (if required).

These are sample rates and should only be used for comparison purposes. Your quotes may be different.


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