Bills more expensive in SLO County than the US average, according to data


On average, residents of San Luis Obispo County pay $ 561 more on their monthly bills than someone living in other parts of the United States, according to new data released this week.

In a report released Tuesday by bill payment firm Doxo, a analysis of household expenditure data showed that residents of San Luis Obispo County paid $ 2,450 per month in bills on average, or 29.7% more than the US average of $ 1,889 per month.

The data, which explores the cost of various household bills across the country, ranked the San Luis Obispo County area 29th out of 914 US cities and metropolitan areas for bills.

However, San Luis Obispo County was actually one of the cheapest California cities cited in the report.

Residents of SLO County pay about $ 112 less on their monthly bills than the California average of $ 2,562, and significantly less than the $ 3,151 paid by the state’s most expensive metropolitan area, San Jose, according to The report.

Residents of SLO County also paid less than neighboring Santa Barbara County, where the average monthly cost of bills was $ 2,639, and the Metropolitan Statistical Area of ​​Salinas where monthly bills cost an average of $ 2,859. per month.

In total, SLO County ranked 11th out of 34 California regions analyzed in the report.

Overall, California was the second most expensive state in the United States for bills, just behind Hawaii.

Which SLO County bills are the most expensive, the least expensive?

Doxo data also analyzed the average costs of different types of household bills, including utilities, mortgages, rent, life insurance, and cell phone plans.

According to the report, the most expensive local monthly bills were for mortgages.

About 40% of residents of San Luis Obispo County pay mortgages, according to the company. For these people, the average monthly bill is $ 2,115, 65% more than the national average of $ 1,279.

The local monthly residential rent was also much higher in San Luis Obispo County than the national average.

According to the data, the 38% of SLO County residents who rent their homes paid an average of $ 1,472 per month. That’s just under 39% more than the national average of $ 1,062 per month, according to the report.

Other bills such as auto loans, health insurance, cable and satellite services, and alarm and security services were all about equal to the national average.

Notably, SLO County residents appear to pay significantly less than the national average on several key monthly bills, including cell phone plans ($ 66 per month locally, compared to $ 102 nationally), utilities ( $ 281 locally vs. $ 316) and auto insurance ($ 143 vs. $ 185).

In total, Doxo found that over 41% of household income for SLO County residents went to bills, which was just above the state’s average rate of 40%.

The report and the corresponding data are available at

This story was originally published 22 October 2021 9:07 a.m.

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