California coastal destination is world’s most popular road trip, insurance study finds

The United States has some of the most popular road trip destinations in the world, according to a social media study, with a California coastal spot taking the top spot.

Motorcycle Insurance, a UK-based company, has taken a look at the most popular road trip routes around the world.

It created the ranking based on data from Instagram hashtags, global average monthly Google searches, and TikTok views. The data collected is from July 2022 and 28 road trip routes were analyzed for the study.

The iconic Big Sur, a stretch along the Pacific Coast Highway and the Santa Lucia Mountains, landed in the top 10.

Big Sur is known for its coastline, parks, hiking trails, restaurants, and retail businesses.

According to the study, the Central Coast scored the highest in all ranking categories with over 1.4 million Instagram hashtags, over 360,000 global average monthly Google searches and 90 million TikTok views.

Ocean Drive, Badlands National Park and Columbia River Gorge in the United States also made the top 10 list at four, five and six, respectively.

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