Coffeestamp Microroasters & Coffee Bar opens at Fox Park


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  • Coffeestamp Microroasters & Coffee Bar opened under the Clapp brothers’ coffee roasting operation.

Last week, two brothers from Honduras opened a new café in the Fox Park neighborhood of St. Louis. They call it Coffeestamp micro-roasters and coffee bar.

Patrick and Spencer Clapp started their business in 2018, roasting beans above a window tinting store on South Jefferson Avenue, right next to the Way Out Club and Trader Bob’s Tattoo Shop. They didn’t have a storefront for their space on the second floor, but they did have a stall at the Soulard Farmer’s Market where they sold custom roasted beans that they sourced internationally. When the ground floor of their roasting building became available, the brothers jumped at the chance to expand their business. After some loans and some pretty impressive manual work, Coffeestamp (2511 South Jefferson Ave., 314-797-8113) is open for business.

The brothers were raised around food and coffee production. Growing up in Honduras, their mother owned a restaurant and made sure the boys knew how to cook their own meals.

“We have always been linked to the food industry,” says Patrick. “Even myself, I worked in different restaurants.”

The boys grew up around the Giron family specializing in coffee production in Honduras. Patrick calls them family, but they are not related by blood. This sparked their interest in roasting the beans of families who work hard to produce the best coffee in Honduras and around the world.

The new store offers a wide range of coffee drinks and small bites like empanadas and sweet treats.

Opening amid the pandemic has been difficult, as expected. The brothers signed their last loan for the space the day Saint-Louis announced the stay-at-home order. Apparently that didn’t slow them down much. They have only been open for five days but have received a lot of love and support from the community.

Patrick does not seem worried about the future of their store. It is a unique old building filled with love. They are dedicated to service and good coffee. It never goes out of style.

Check out their website here. They still sell bean bags and plan to keep their stall at the Soulard farmer’s market open.

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