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SAN DIEGO, March 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Equip, the leading provider of virtual, evidence-based eating disorder treatment in the wetoday announced a new collaboration with Magellan Healththe behavioral and specialized division of Magellan Health, Inc.to unlock access to Equip services for some Magellan Health members in California.

Equip was founded in 2019 by Kristina Safran and Erin Parks, Ph.D. In order to empower families to support loved ones through recovery from eating disorders at home, Equip leverages the Family Treatment Model (FBT) with a dedicated care team of five, including a peer and family mentor, physician, therapist and dietician. Because Equip’s platform is entirely virtual, families can schedule treatment tailored to their individual needs without having to disrupt their routines or send their child away from home.

“Eating disorders have always been difficult to manage given the complexity of these conditions, and Equip’s virtual family treatment model will transform patient care and outcomes,” said Caroline CarneyMD, President of Magellan Healthcare Behavioral health and chief medical officer Magellan Health. “We are thrilled to offer our members the virtual approach of Equip and its dedicated care team.”

“Financial constraints or a shortage of providers should never prevent a person from seeking and receiving effective treatment for eating disorders,” said Erin Parks, Ph.D., Chief Operating Officer, Clinical Director and Co-Founder of Equip. “Equip is dedicated to easing the burdens associated with traditional processing options and our collaboration with Magellan allows us to do just that.”

In addition to expanding its coverage to Magellan customers, Equip expanded its reach to more than 40 states in the past year, making its care accessible to the majority of we population. The company also raised $58 million in Series B funding last month.

To learn more about Equip’s treatment model and virtual platform, visit equip.health.

About Equipment

Equip is the leading provider of evidence-based virtual eating disorder treatment in the we Founded in 2019, Equip leverages a combination of clinical expertise and lived experience to transform eating disorder care and make it accessible to all patients and families.

Built on the Family-Based Treatment (FBT) model, Equip uses a dedicated five-person care team – including a therapist, dietitian, physician, and peer and family mentor – to support patients in their journey to recovery. The company operates in most states and is associated with almost all major health insurance plans. For more information, visit equip.health.

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Equip and Magellan Healthcare Collaborate to Offer Virtual Eating Disorder Treatment in California

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