Far-left Democrats want permanent moratorium on evictions


Far-left Congressional Democrats Cori Bush (Missouri), Ilhan Omar (Minnesota) and Ayanna Pressley (Massachusetts) slept on the streets on the Capitol steps last weekend, surrounded by cases of bottled water, pizza boxes, employees and greedy press. The Democrats, who are part of a group calling themselves “the squad”, are protesting against the end of the federal moratorium on evictions, which expired on Saturday night, and warning of the rise in homelessness.

They should have been chased by the Capitol police for their stunt. Camping on public property is illegal in the District of Columbia. It threatens public safety, creates unrest and health risks and destroys neighborhoods.

The team was playing on this public concern about the homeless to demand that Congress enact a new moratorium on evictions. This would not only suspend the rent and mortgage obligations, but actually cancel them until the end of the pandemic. When is it? In their opinion, maybe never.

The far left Democrats have a socialist agenda, which can be seen in their message: don’t pay rent, we will block evictions; don’t pay back university loans, we’ll cancel them; do not work, we will take the money of those who work and give it to you.

Before Omar set up camp, she introduced a bill in the House for guaranteed income. Everyone would receive $ 1,200 a month from the government whether you worked or not. Utopia, unless you are one of those who are struggling to pay for it.

The truth is, there is no need for a moratorium on evictions. Congress has provided $ 47 billion in rent relief on generous terms. A New York household of four earning up to $ 95,450 is eligible. There are delays in getting the money out, but in New York City, California, Massachusetts, and several other states, any tenant who asks for help is protected from eviction pending.

This federal rent assistance is in addition to stimulus checks and unemployment benefits with federal additions.

The White House said “money is available in every state to help tenants who are behind on rent and at risk of eviction.” The White House and the US Treasury are pressuring states to distribute the money.

The economic problem does not come from tenants unable to find work. There are too few workers ready to take the available jobs.

“US employers cannot fill a record 9.2 million jobs because the government has paid the unemployed more to stay at home,” Representative Nicole Malliotakis told The New York Post. “So why don’t they pay their rent? “

Maintaining the moratorium would crush family owners who need the income to pay off their mortgages and repair buildings. They were the hardest hit during the pandemic, according to the University of Pennsylvania Housing Initiative. The extension of the moratorium threatens their survival, jeopardizing the supply of housing.

Let’s be clear. A moratorium will not alleviate the crime, filth and mess caused by unconditional homeless people lying on the streets, benches and stairs of the subway. Most are mentally ill or drug addicts. They did not become homeless because of the layoffs linked to the pandemic. Some have been living on the streets for a decade.

They need meaningful love: withdrawal from the streets to supervised shelters with mental health and addiction services. For their own good, as well as to restore quality of life and safety.

On homelessness caused by the pandemic, Republicans and Democrats supported a temporary moratorium on evictions during the lockdown, when millions of people were forced to stop working. This time has passed.

Layoffs are down from the pandemic peak of April 2020, and it’s time to let the capitalist engines roar. Unfortunately, this is not what the Democrats on the left want.

Betsy McCaughey is a former Lieutenant Governor of New York and author of “The Next Pandemic”.

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