Federal Fugitive Arrested at Disney World

Walt Disney World is labeled as “the most magical place on earth,” but that wasn’t the case for an unlucky guest who was arrested by the feds at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in October.

Prior to his trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida, Quashon Burton, a New York native who lives in Brooklyn, had been on the run from authorities for nearly a year before being discovered at the Animal Kingdom theme park on October 20 . .

The United States Postal Inspection Service initially attempted to arrest Burton in November 2021 after he was allegedly linked to an impersonation scheme in which $150,000 in federal COVID-19 loans were been stolen. However, he separated before he could be arrested for the crime.

Nearly a year after Burton was framed for the crime and fled, Federal Postal Inspector Jeff Andre coincidentally located Burton at Animal Kingdom while he himself was on vacation.

Andre spotted Burton by a notable “H” tattoo located on the fugitive’s neck. The Federal Postal Inspector quickly contacted local authorities.

Burton was then secured at a bus stop outside Animal Kingdom, where he was reportedly arrested and charged with resisting an officer without violence.

Burton has since been turned over to the federal government.

On Nov. 3, a judge ruled that Burton, whom prosecutors called an “extreme flight risk,” should not be released on bail before trial because of his flight history.

According Yahoo!Andre said that prior to his arrest, Burton had created a “complex web of identities that made his crimes difficult to investigate”.

“He has clearly demonstrated the ability to hide his true identity to evade law enforcement. He has also demonstrated a willingness to lie about that identity to avoid arrest,” Andre said.

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