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Land line now, June 8, 2021.

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A bill being drafted in the United States House could increase your minimum insurance requirements by more than 150%. OOIDA retaliates.

I. Today’s news with Terry Scruton

OOIDA files a brief in support of a lawsuit against California’s AB 5 law. A truck-only tax is under consideration in Connecticut. And Washington State says “Smoke them if you have them!” »Your COVID photos, that is.

II. Anti-masking rule – some courts get it wrong

Many truckers have faced the federal “anti-masking rule,” designed to prevent drivers from hiding violations on their record. However, many courts and local authorities interpret the rule incorrectly.

III. Increase in insurance on the motorway bill

Although the House version of the highway bill includes money for more truck parking, it contains so many provisions detrimental to truckers – including a sharp increase in minimum insurance requirements – that OOIDA expects. to fight the bill. OOIDA has issued a national call to action, and we will have the details. Additionally, state lawmakers across the country are trying to do something about traffic disrupting protests, while Colorado deals with highway funding.

IV. OOIDA fights rising insurance and other “poison pills”

The House transport committee is about to draft its version of the highways bill – and efforts are underway to remove some provisions, such as an increase in insurance, that would be catastrophic for truckers small businesses.

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