Leadership Changes Announced at SEIU California

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SEIU California announced a new direction for the organization, as President Bob Schoonover resigns in favor of the new president David Huert.

Huerta will continue as President of SEIU-USWW — representing more than 40,000 concierges, security guards, airport employees and others, mainly from the private sector.

“SEIU members are a powerful force for progress in California,” Huerta said. “We fight for the public good and for justice for all. We stand up for the value and dignity of the essential workers who have fed, cared for and kept us safe during this pandemic. California’s frontline workers matter, and to represent them as president of SEIU California is an honor,” Huerta said in a statement. “I will dedicate my presidency to ensuring justice and inclusion for immigrant workers and their families, creating pathways to power and union membership for millions more workers, and partnering with other leaders unions and progressives to build a state that will end poverty, fight structural racism, expand our democracy and create opportunity for all.

Besides, Tia Orrwho previously served as interim executive director of SEIU California, has been permanently appointed to the position.

“SEIU members work day and night to care for people, support their families and create opportunities for their children. Most SEIU members are women of color, whose strongest voice on issues that affect them comes through their union – and they inspire me to fight like hell for a better, more equal and more humane society. . When I walk through the halls of power, I feel like I’m in good company: I’m walking with 700,000 hard-working mothers, brothers, fathers and sisters, the members of this union. I know that together we can create a future where every worker has a voice, every family has what it needs to thrive, and every child is valued and has the opportunities they need to reach their full potential,” Orr said in a statement.

Finally, the organization announced that Rene Bayardo takes over as Director of Government Relations.

“I have 700,000 bosses,” Bayardo said in a statement. “These are the SEIU members in California. They have an inspiring agenda for change, and I’m honored to advance their goals in Sacramento.


LGBTQ advocacy group California Equality issued an in-race endorsement for the state controller. The band threw their support behind Ron GalperinLos Angeles City Comptroller.

According to Equality California, Galperin would be only the second openly gay elected statewide if elected. Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara is the first.

“Equality California is proud to endorse Ron Galperin as state comptroller,” said Equality California’s executive director. Tony Hoang said in a statement. “In Los Angeles, Ron ensured that public funds were spent transparently, efficiently and equitably while ensuring that LGBTQ+ people were considered in data that shows the disproportionate impacts of COVID-19, homelessness and food insecurity. California needs Ron’s experience and credibility to protect taxpayers’ money and to strengthen the financial health of all Californians.

Galperin, the first openly gay elected official in Los Angeles history, oversees an $11.2 billion budget, according to a statement from Equality California.

“As Los Angeles’ first and only openly gay elected official, I know how important representation is,” Galperin said in a statement. “I am proud to have the support of EQCA because we share a commitment to inclusion and equity. As Controller of Los Angeles, I have made it my priority to support, protect and uplift our LGBTQI community, providing resources and assistance, advocacy and leadership – promoting the values ​​of inclusivity, equality, fairness and progress. I will be doing the same as California Controller and I’m thrilled that the EQCA is helping us continue our winning streak.


While most Californians have been vaccinated against COVID-19, 14% of Californians say they will not or probably will not receive the vaccine, according to a recent blog post from the California Institute of Public Policy.

This number has remained fairly stable. As of January 2021, about 10% of Californians still said they would definitely not get the vaccine.

“Notably, the overwhelming majority of unvaccinated adults (86%) say the omicron variant does not make them more likely to be vaccinated (11% say it makes them more likely to be vaccinated). Although the majority of demographic, political and regional groups are vaccinated, large disparities remain,” according to the post.

The PPIC found that vaccinated Californians tend to be older (90% of those 55 and older are vaccinated) and female (85% of women are vaccinated).

“Although there are disparities in vaccination rates between racial/ethnic groups, most Asian Americans (90%), Latinos (82%), Whites (80%) and African Americans Americans (79%) are vaccinated. And notably, the shares of each racial/ethnic group among the unvaccinated generally mirror their shares among all adults – with the exception of Asian Americans, who represent a slightly lower share of the unvaccinated population than the adult population. ”, according to the post.

Finally, politics seems to play a role in a person’s willingness to get vaccinated.

While 94% of Democrats say they passed, only 75% of independents and 65% of Republicans did.


“On a personal note, I had the privilege of working with Judge Jackson at the law firm of Morrison & Foerster when we were both in private practice, and I can attest to her incredible character and commitment to the I eagerly await its historical confirmation.

– Senator Tom Umberg, D-Santa Ana, discussing President Joe Biden’s nomination of Federal Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the United States Supreme Court, by Twitter.

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  • As an insurance crisis lingers in California wildfire country, state regulators are preparing to order companies to offer rebates to homeowners who install double-glazed windows, skylights fire or take other measures to reduce the danger to property, through Dale Kasler.

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