Legal-Bay Lawsuit Funding Provides Update on Top Sex Abuse Lawsuits

The leading pre-settlement finance company says settlements have been reached in a few high-profile cases; more soon

CALDWELL, NJ, September 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Legal-Bay, The Pre Settlement Funding Company, today announced that it continues to actively fund legal loans for sexual abuse cases. Over 90,000 class action and individual lawsuits have been filed against organizations such as the Catholic Church and the Boy Scouts of America, and sadly, these are just the tip of the iceberg.

Due to Covid, the courts have been severely congested. Many victims of sexual abuse wait for their case to be heard so they can begin the process of healing from their trauma. With new statute of limitations extensions in all fifty states, even more survivors have been able to come forward and sue. Plaintiffs in sexual abuse claims are seeking financial restitution for the physical, emotional and mental harm caused by their abusers, and with the current round of settlements that were granted recently, experts predict many will succeed.

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Chris JanisCEO of Legal-Bay, said, “Legal-Bay does not have an exact timeline for trial dates or values ​​for the type of damages plaintiffs can expect to receive. Nevertheless, we continue to fight for our clients by offering financing to those who would rather not wait the endless months until their lawsuits are over. Legal-Bay is ready to provide the settlement money now.


Earlier this month, a Delaware The court ruled that the BSA was responsible – and therefore financially liable – for the sexual abuse of thousands of young boys.

Over 80,000 sexual abuse complaints have been filed against the Boy Scouts of America. Despite denials and filing for bankruptcy, the organization was found guilty on numerous counts of fostering an environment where tens of thousands of boys were allowed to be sexually abused. The now-adult survivors have been fighting in court for years in hopes of receiving financial compensation for the atrocities they endured as children. While no amount can ever make up for what they lost, last week’s decision is a small step towards justice. Final settlement values ​​will fall somewhere between $2.4 and $3.6 billion.

Cases will most likely be grouped into levels of categories ranging from the most serious to the least serious abuse. Due to BSA’s limited assets and bankruptcy filings, there is no guarantee for an individual’s settlement values. Regardless, Legal-Bay continues to fund these cases for its clients.


A $380 million A settlement has been reached in the case against larry nassara University of Michigan doctor who sexually abused over 500 girls and women on the US Olympic gymnastics team. The settlement was announced last week and is one of the largest payouts for a sex abuse lawsuit in history.

Many abused girls and women struggle with emotional scars from their encounters with Nassar, such as anxiety and depression. For some, PTSD even escalated into suicide attempts. Nassar has been convicted of numerous sex crimes and will most likely live out the rest of his life behind bars.


The number of sexual abuse lawsuits filed against a multitude of Catholic dioceses around the world is virtually incalculable. Tens of thousands of victims have filed lawsuits against clergy who abused them, and only a handful of those cases have been settled. Even without exact figures, recent estimates indicate that the church has already donated more than $3 billion in regulations to applicants in United States alone, with many more cases to come.

Legal-Bay is well versed in clergy abuse litigation, particularly in situations where Catholic churches have filed for bankruptcy to limit payments. Even in these cases, the settlement finance company was able to provide cash advances to victims across the country.


A Manchester A troubled youth facility has come under fire for wide-ranging abuse of their accused youths. Plaintiffs who resided as children at the facility between 1963 and 2018 claim several instances where they were raped and beaten by their counsellors. More than 450 plaintiffs filed complaints against the State of New Hampshire for abuses inflicted by more than 150 staff members. Only eleven former councilors have been arrested so far.

$100 million was placed in a settlement fund to be divided among the survivors with a $1.5 million cap in place for individual sexual assault claims, and $150,000 for every physical abuse. Total settlement amounts for each victim will be based on additional factors, including the number of occurrences and the length of time they were subjected to the abuse. From January 2023victims will have up to January 2025 file claims for their share of the settlement.


the New York one The Child Victims Act (CVA) 2019 provided victims of childhood sexual abuse with a means to bring claims beyond the previously allocated statute of limitations window. The CVA has enabled more than 10,000 survivors to come forward and file new lawsuits in New York City alone.

In May this year, however, the law was expanded to include adult victims of sexual assault (those who were already over 18 at the time of the offence). The Adult Survivors Act (ASA) allows victims of previously unreported assaults to sue their abusers, even if the statute of limitations has expired. From November 2022the survivors were granted a one-year extension to sue for any previously unreported claims.

Other states like New Jersey (N.J.), California (AC) and Pennsylvania (AP) have passed similar laws.


A Los Angeles The children’s shelter has been the target of dozens of now-adult complainants who were abused there as children. The shelter was originally intended to be a safe house for children awaiting placement in foster care, and instead turned into a pit of sexual abuse and depravity. Staff and residents preyed on children as young as five, with the abuse allegedly occurring over the years.

MacLaren Hall closed in 2003 following a class action lawsuit filed by the ACLU – among other organizations – alleging multiple sex crimes and failing to investigate allegations of abuse. Due to the new CVA that was recently implemented in California, an extended statute of limitations allowed more than 200 victims to sue for childhood abuse. Settlement amounts have yet to be finalized, but Legal-Bay is funding these cases regardless. Keep an eye on this space for further updates.

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Legal-Bay remains vigilant in assisting customers with their sexual abuse claims. Plus, any new client who has a lawsuit pending and needs money can now apply for regular financing to help them through their own financial crisis. They fund all types of lawsuit loans including personal injury, slips and falls, car, boat or construction accidents, judgment or verdict on appeal, commercial litigation, contract litigation, qui-tam or whistleblower cases, the False Claims Act, patent litigation, copyright infringement, and more.

Legal-Bay’s settlement loan programs are designed to provide immediate cash in advance of the claimant’s anticipated monetary compensation. Non-recourse settlement loans, sometimes called lawsuit loans or settlement loans, are risk-free because the money does not need to be repaid if the recipient loses their lawsuit. Therefore, lawsuit loans are not really loans, but rather a cash advance.

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