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Living to adulthood is difficult, especially with all the financial burden. It’s hard to juggle auto loans, mortgages, student loans, credit card debt and maybe more. Managing multiple debts can be a challenge, which is why most assume it is a wise decision to consolidate all of their debts. They believe this strategy can save them money on interest and pay off their loan sooner. However, the credit experts at Positive Lending Solution explain that this strategy has both advantages and disadvantages.

Experts recommend consolidating a personal loan with a home loan. This is likely to lower the interest rate on your debt, since most home loans have competitive rates. In order to fully capitalize on the interest rate savings, it is important to repay the personal loan within the initial period.

Borrowers should also be aware of the potential risks. Australian experts note that personal loans have prepayment and exit charges to protect the lender from losing money when borrowers decide to consolidate their debt. Borrowers in every country should be aware of the prepayment and exit charges that should increase the cost of consolidation.

Consolidating other debt into a home loan is a viable option, allowing borrowers to consolidate credit card debt, a trailer loan, or even boat financing into one loan. However, borrowers can still benefit from repaying two separate loans, rather than one.

The experts at Positive Lending Solutions encourage borrowers to consider their unique financial situation to choose from the multitude of options available to them.

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