Major CURES updates will be released on April 11

April 04, 2022

The California Department of Justice (DOJ) is making significant changes to the controlled substance use review and evaluation system, known as CURES. CURES is the database that collects all Schedule II-V controlled substance prescriptions dispensed in California. Prescribers are required to consult CURES the first time a patient is prescribed, ordered or administered a Schedule II-IV controlled substance.

The CURES update will provide an improved user interface and new system features, including features allowed by recent legislation. In anticipation of the rollout of these changes, CURES will be unavailable from April 8 at 5 p.m. until April 11 at 8 a.m.

The CURES update will also provide expanded functionality through which delegates will be authorized to access data in CURES. For existing delegates to continue accessing CURES after April 11, 2022, and for new delegates to be added after April 11, 2022, authorized CURES users of the delegate must:

  1. Confirm delegate eligibility
  2. Enter into a “delegation agreement”
  3. Register the delegate for CURES after April 11, 2022

Delegate eligibility criteria and the necessary contents of a delegate agreement can be found in the DOJ memo “New Features and Requirements for Expanded Delegate Access”.

Practices should also be aware that effective April 11, 2022, the Internet Explorer web browser will no longer be permitted to access the CURES web application due to application and data security issues. CURES users should transition to one of the following web browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox.

Practices with questions can contact the CURES program at [email protected] or (916) 210-3187.

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