Metromile, Hippo Team on Multi-Policy Discount


Online insurance platform and pay per mile vehicle insurer Metromile and Hippo insurance services, which offers home insurance, will work together to offer consumers a multi-policy discount on auto and home insurance, according to a Monday (May 17) ad.

“Providing choice and control is at the heart of who we are and what drivers expect of us,” says Metromile CEO Dan Preston said in the ad. “The addition of home insurance through Hippo gives drivers new options, greater flexibility and a new way to save.”

Homeowners and drivers will have the option of purchasing auto insurance per kilometer from Metromile and home insurance from Hippo. According to the ad, they can save up to 15% on their auto and home insurance policies if they are bundled.

In addition, the combination of in-depth home insurance policies with Hippo’s proactive protection along with Metromile’s live and tailor-made auto insurance policies will provide people with additional ways to save on premiums, the announcement says. .

After the collaboration rolls out, owners and drivers will have the ability to combine Metromile auto insurance with Hippo home insurance in Washington, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Oregon, New Jersey. , Illinois, California and Arizona. The collaboration will then expand to include more states at a later time in 2021, according to the announcement.

“We look forward to partnering with Metromile to provide our customers with auto protection that combines the best of technology with the best insurance coverage, just as we are on the home insurance side, to provide customers with the best coverage and the best possible experience ”, Hippo President Rick mccathron said in the ad.

The news comes as Metromile will let policyholders pay premiums and get claims settled through Bitcoin, PYMNTS reported. The company will buy $ 10 million in bitcoin in the second quarter of this year to embrace the digital currency choice.

Metromile “believes that allowing cryptocurrency payments will support its commitment to fairer insurance and promote the financial resilience of policyholders as cryptocurrency becomes mainstream and forms a larger portion of the assets of consumers, ”a previous statement said.



About the study: A third of consumers who signed up for subscription services in the past year were just there for the free trial. In the 2021 Subscription Commerce Conversion Index, PYMNTS surveys 2,022 U.S. consumers and analyzes more than 200 subscription commerce providers to focus on the key features that turn ‘subscription curious’ into persistent, long-term subscribers. term.

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