Penguin escapes killer whales by jumping on boat full of tourists


The scene was “Happy Feet” and “The Great Escape”.

A quick-witted gentoo penguin in Antarctica has escaped the jaws of several killer whales by jumping on a boat full of tourists.

The Daily Mail reports that the chase took place in the Gerlache Strait on the mainland. The group of whales were chasing the poor penguin who, despite his inability to fly, managed to throw himself headfirst into the side of a canoe filled with human spectators.

At first, the penguin struck the side of the boat, failing to stick the landing and falling back into the waves. But luckily the second time was the charm, because on the next jump the penguin – with a little help from the cheering tourists on the boat – managed to get on board safely.

“It was crazy to see it in person,” travel blogger Matt Karsten tells the Daily Mail. “It was like watching a National Geographic episode on location. I imagine the penguin was very relieved to run away.

While the penguin must indeed have been relieved, tourists must have been slightly nervous about having an entire group of orca whales overturn their small rubber dinghy to get their penguin refugee.

Fortunately, the capsule left in peace.

“The killer whales followed the zodiac boat for a while,” Karsten continues. “They eventually gave up, leaving the penguin safe with his new friends.

“After sailing a bit, the penguin said goodbye to the boat and jumped back into the icy water.

Hopefully the penguin avoids swimming in Gerlache Strait to avoid another potential chase from now on.

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