President Donald Trump to host his brother’s funeral at the White House


President Donald Trump will host the funeral of his brother Robert Trump at the White House on Friday.

Robert Trump died last week after being hospitalized in New York City. He was 71 years old.

ABC first reported the news, with sources claiming Robert Trump’s body would be taken to the White House from New York for the ceremony.

The last time a dead body was brought to the White House was for the funeral services of President John F. Kennedy after his assassination in Dallas in November 1963, the news station said.

The last time the remains were brought to the White House for the funeral of a private citizen was in 1936 for Louis Howe, adviser to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his wife, Eleanor Roosevelt, according to the report.

“The White House is a very complex place. It’s an office, it’s a museum and it’s a house, ”Anita McBride, who has served in three presidential administrations, including as chief of staff to First Lady Laura, told The Associated Press. Bush. “We loan it to the president for the time he lives there.” From that point of view, we have to understand some decisions they make in a case like this. “

The service is expected to take place in the East Room of the White House with President Trump covering the costs, ABC said.

A graduate of Boston University, Robert Trump managed the Brooklyn part of his father Fred Trump’s real estate empire, which was ultimately sold.

The president described Robert as “not just my brother. He was my best friend. “

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