Reverse Mortgage Center PRMI Adds Hartley as Director of Sales, Hires Additional Support

Primary Residential Mortgage’s (PRMI) reverse mortgage center, the Steven J. Sless Group based in Owings Mills, Maryland, announced this week the appointment of Chris Hartley as Director of Reverse Mortgage Sales at its Owings Mills headquarters. The center also recently added reverse mortgage originator Daniel Mondragon to the San Diego branch of the Sless Group, and Gabrielle Berry as a remote processing assistant.

chris hartley

“The hiring of Chris Hartley will allow our reverse management team to better serve our more than 1,000 loan originators across the country, their borrowers and strategic partners,” said Steven Sless, President of the Reverse Mortgage Division at PRMI and namesake of its center dedicated to reverse mortgages. . “It will also free up senior management – ​​myself and George Morales – allowing us to work on more global growth initiatives which, again, will bring more value to PRMI initiators and branch partners.”

In early 2021, PRMI made the decision to centralize its reverse mortgage support, including processing and operations. The Sless Group management team now oversees all of these functions, Sless said, and the addition of Hartley will help facilitate further growth for the lender.

“PRMI originators certified to originate reverse mortgages now have a full suite of support options available to help them scale their reverse origination,” Sless told RMD. “This hire comes at a time of rapid growth and will allow us to provide more robust support options, helping our originators close more reverse loans faster and easier than ever before. It will also allow us to focus on providing to our organization of more sales training, marketing initiatives and other value-added elements that will further differentiate PRMI from our competitors.

The growth the division is experiencing simply requires additional leadership support, Sless added.

Steven Sless, President of the Reverse Mortgage Division at Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. (PRMI)
Steven Sless

“PRMI’s reverse division has grown 40% year-over-year over the past three years and we certainly don’t expect to slow down, despite market circumstances which have undoubtedly made our business more difficult lately,” he explained. “We are always looking to add the best and brightest talent to all facets of our organization.”

Hartley reports optimism about the possibilities ahead of the division and the reverse mortgage business in general.

“I look forward to helping grow the Primary Residential Reverse Mortgage division by training our branch partners on how and why reverse mortgages can help them better serve their 55+ customers and their strategic partners,” said said Hartley. “I am confident that I can help our valued team members achieve their personal production goals.”

PRMI’s reverse division also recently expanded its footprint into regions such as Arizona and the Midwest after hiring two dedicated reverse mortgage originators operating out of PRMI’s Indianapolis branch, following a similar move earlier in 2021 marked by an expansion in Southern California. PRMI has appointed Sless Group as its dedicated Reverse Mortgage Center at the end of 2021.

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