San Diego Accident Lawyer Offers Free Insurance Review & Recommendations


Many people are surprised to learn that “full coverage” insurance does not provide any coverage for themselves when faced with different types of common accidents. San Diego personal injury lawyer Marianne Malek of Guy Levy Law announces a solution to this problem:

“Full coverage insurance doesn’t mean what people assume. Comprehensive coverage and minimum insurance in California are often confused. It is heartbreaking to meet victims of underinsured accidents who are injured by uninsured drivers or when their own insurance coverage is not enough to pay for their car repairs, medical bills and other items they assume they are covered by what they believe to be “full coverage”. They don’t realize they don’t have the coverage until it’s too late – after they’re in an accident. So our team at Guy Levy Law found a simple solution: to volunteer our time and expertise in reviewing insurance policies for free – auto insurance, home insurance and even umbrella policies. said Marianne Malek.

How to get your free review of your insurance policy from Guy Levy Law:

Guy Levy Law attorneys will provide a free review of your insurance policy. We’ll tell you what covers you’re missing before it’s too late. Simply text a copy of your insurance declaration page (the summary of the coverage you have) to Guy Levy Law at 619-232-9900. It’s best to pay your insurance before you need to use it!

About Guy Levy Law

Guy Levy Law attorneys seek full and fair compensation for your injuries – to reimburse you for expenses resulting from medical treatment, lost wages, property damage and more. You shouldn’t have to pay a dime for someone else’s mistakes, which is why our lawyers fight aggressively and confidently to get back for you what you deserve. We have won over $ 100,000,000 in settlements, verdicts and awards for our clients in many types of accidents: car crashes, dog bites, car crashes / semi-trailer crashes, commercial truck crashes, injuries catastrophic trauma, wrongful death, work paralysis, workers compensation, Uber / Lyft accidents, defective product damage, workplace accidents and slip and fall injuries. We pride ourselves on being regarded as the best auto accident attorneys in San Diego and we also represent cases throughout California.

Lawyer Guy Levy created this law firm out of a passion to help people in need. Our personal injury and workers’ compensation attorneys use this passion to help thousands of accident victims and workers across California. Please visit or call 619-232-9900.

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