Trident Funding celebrates 25 years


Celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, Trident Funding – one of the nation’s largest private principals of boat, RV and aircraft loans – said it saw no signs of slowing down.

“We had record years in 2019 and 2020, and 2021 will be another. As people return to travel and recreation, we anticipate steady growth on the marine side and we see significant growth potential in the RV and aircraft markets, ”said Robert P. Dunford, Director of Sales and Operations. Trident Funding operations.

Showing no sign of resting on its laurels, Trident continued to step up its efforts, including hiring a team dedicated strictly to RV activities as well as aviation activity. These teams are led by James Barron, Director of RV Sales and Marketing and Craig Bowers, Director of Aircraft Loans, both based in Northern California.

Trident has already partnered with major national RV owner groups and associations to provide personalized financing solutions to their members. The aircraft team will focus on piston, turboprop, jet and helicopter airplanes for personal and professional use (parts 91 and 135).

“With our recent expansion in the RV and aircraft industry and our long history of success in the marine industry, we are positioned for continued growth over the next 25 years,” said Mark Breeden, President of Trident Funding .

Trident was founded in the summer of 1996 by three industry veterans: Robert J. Dunford, James Foley and Mike Bryant. Based in Shelton, Connecticut, the company has grown to now operate at eight locations across the country. Trident Funding is headed by CEO Mark Breeden and is a holding company of Oakland Capital Partners, based in St. Louis. Trident is an active member of the National Marine Lenders Association and a member has been appointed to the NMLA Board of Directors for 20 consecutive years, with Dunford currently serving as the association’s vice president.


During the 25-year period, while working with more than 50 banks, credit unions and lending institutions and establishing strong relationships with several private management groups, Trident closed nearly 40,000 loans ranging from 20,000 $ to $ 20 million.

“We have always taken pride in providing our clients with a wide variety of financing options, low interest rates and unmatched customer service in the industry,” added Dunford.

“Even when we only had a handful of employees, we saw ourselves as a leader in the industry. Some 25 years later, being today one of the largest originators of boat, RV and aircraft loans in the country is a testament to the vision, hard work and dedication of our incredible team, ”said added Breeden.

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