Tyler Perry’s birthday present was a $ 7 million island in the Bahamas


When Tyler perry was starting his career, he struggled so much that at one point he was living in his car.

Today he has made his mark in the world as an actor, producer, director and playwright. He is so far from where he started that today he lends its throw to royalty. And for a birthday, he gave himself a rather grandiose gift.

Tyler Perry had a rough start

According to Biography, when Perry was born in New Orleans in 1969, his name was Emmitt Perry Jr. Unfortunately, his childhood was very unhappy due to the physical abuse of his father, as well as sexual abuse from other adults. . At 16, after a suicide attempt, Perry changed his first name to Tyler to distance himself from his father.

Perry struggled as a young adult to find a career, until one day he heard someone on Oprah Winfrey’s talk show say that writing can help people cope with experiences. painful. He started writing plays, living in his car for a while as he worked to present them to the public.

In 2000, he created the character Madea in his play I can do harm on my own. He played the eccentric and fierce grandma himself, and the audience responded enthusiastically to the character.

After writing and starring in a number of plays featuring Madea, Perry released his first film, Diary of a Mad Black Woman, the first of several films featuring her. It grossed $ 50 million and launched Perry into a very successful career in Hollywood.

Success and wealth

Tyler Perry | Slaven Vlasic / Getty Images

Celebrity Net Worth reports that Perry has made over 30 movies and eight TV shows. He wrote many himself, including Meet the Browns, why did I get married ?, and Acrimony, as well as over a dozen Madea films.

In 2006, he founded Tyler Perry Studios, an Atlanta-based film production studio. It flourished, and soon it took more space to develop. In 2019, Perry bought a former military base for $ 30 million and invested an additional $ 250 million in renovations to the property to house the successful studio.

With all of these remarkable accomplishments, Perry has unsurprisingly managed to raise huge net worth. His annual income is $ 80 million, and his total wealth is around $ 800 million.

An island for his birthday

Despite the fact that Perry always seems to be working, he has found the time to profit from his hard-earned wealth. He owns luxury items such as a custom-built 25,000-square-foot mansion in Beverly Hills and a private jet – both of which have been used by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

According to People, in 2009, Perry decided to treat himself to a special birthday present. He bought a 25 acre island in the Bahamas. The island, which is called White Bay Cay, was sold along with a neighboring 7-acre island. The property was listed for $ 7 million, but the final sale price is not known.

Looking back on his struggles in life, from growing up in an abusive house to living in his car, Perry’s life is the kind of story inspirational films are made of. But it looks like someone else will have to make this movie. He’s busy with other movies and he has a whole island to visit in his spare time.

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