Walmart will open its first clinic in California at its Visalia store

Walmart Health Centers are staffed by trained healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurse practitioners, dentists, behavioral healthcare providers and optometrists, according to its On-site “care hosts” and community health workers will help clients navigate their visit, understand resources, and be a familiar presence for regular visits. Working in partnership with local organizations, the health center will offer specialized community health resources, online training and in-center workshops to educate the community about preventative health and wellness.

On its website, Walmart states that it is “committed to making health care more affordable and accessible for customers in the communities we serve. To extend this commitment, we launched Walmart Health to provide affordable and transparent pricing for key health center services to local customers, regardless of their insurance status.

The Visalia Clinic location could be the first in the state as the mega-retailer seeks to gain a foothold in California’s lucrative medical market. Tulare County, with its large low-income population, is already targeted by competing clinic systems, pharmacies, health plans and hospitals. Unlike its competitors, Walmart already has a group of dedicated shoppers who could try out this convenient new service while shopping. Similar to its retail messaging, Walmart is emphasizing affordability with its new service.

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