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Republicans are against most of the changes made by President Biden on his path to socialism, but one question is, what are Republicans for? Every Republican may have a different answer, but my 65-year-old wife and I are consistent.

We favor tithing for the charities of our choice, not the choice of large governments through taxation for little benefit received. We favor parents who choose the school using their school taxes as vouchers, equivalent to the union monopoly of only public schools using our school taxes.

We support the protection of our border and the expulsion of those who cross illegally without papers. We believe in crime punishing those who vote illegally. We believe in sacrifice and saving for daily expenses and retirement without welfare from birth to death. We believe in self-funded education as a path to equity, and that equity is earned through personal sacrifice and not granted because of race or creed.

We believe that parents are the first and primary educators of their children. We believe in limiting family size to what you can afford without relying on government subsidies for food, housing and medical care. We believe that parents provide school meals for their children and do not rely on federal welfare programs.

We believe in reducing the size of our federal and state governments and reducing our federal deficit to zero by reducing government spending. We believe in ending federal and state subsidies for electric vehicles and home solar costs. Small gasoline cars are more energy and carbon efficient than electric vehicles. Domestic solar energy only exists thanks to the social subsidies granted to those who choose this form of energy.

We believe in minimizing household energy costs through the installation of LED lighting. We believe in limiting subsidized home solar energy sold to the power grid, to the cost of the energy company to generate that electricity, which is approximately 5 cents per kilowatt hour and not the 26 cents of the total California electricity cost delivered at home.

We believe that man cannot change the 10,000 year cycle of climate change, and that any climate change policy agenda should be limited to those agendas with immediate year-over-year cost savings, not cost increases. costs.

We believe in keeping cars until they are fully paid off and never borrowing for luxuries other than mortgages. We believe in capitalism. We believe in global trade without customs duties.

We believe in education as a pathway out of poverty, based on experience.

There are probably a dozen other things, as adult Republican voters, that we believe in. We firmly believe in personal responsibility for one’s life choices.

—Joseph Neff, Corning

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